XCredit Loan App Review: Everything You Need To Know

XCredit Loan App Review: Everything You Need To Know

XCredit Loan is Nigeria’s top fintech platform in Nigeria offering quick online Loans without collateral.

XCredit Loan Nigeria

XCredit is a mobile application platform developed by a fintech company based in Lagos.
The platform is strictly an online loan app in Nigeria, although they do have an office in Lagos Nigeria. You do not have to visit their office to enjoy their services.

XCredit Loan App Review

The XCredit loan app is a safe and reliable loan application in Nigeria with over 1 million+ downloads on Google Play.
They boast of their 24/7 online loan application services, making them one of the 24hrs loans in Nigeria.

How XCredit Loan Works?

XCredit is accessible through application which means that all the loan application process and cash loan disbursement is done through the XCredit app.

• You can see how much loan that you are eligible to borrow from XCredit
• You can check your loan interest rates
• You can also apply and repay your loan through the XCredit loan app
• With XCredit, you can apply for a personal loan and build your credit score limit.

XCredit Loan Requirements?

The Nigeria loan application is hassle free without any collateral. Here are few documents needed to apply for XCredit loan:

• Your Phone Number
• Your Email Address
• Your Full Name
• Your Bank Account Number
• You need to be at least 18 years
• Your Last 3 Month Statement Of Account etc.

How To Apply For XCredit Loan Nigeria?


There are basically three steps of loan application process that you must pass through before applying for loans with XCredit:

Step 1: Download the XCredit loan app from Google Play

Step 2: Sign up with your correct details on the registration page ( name, email, number, address etc.).

Step 3: Choose loan amount that you want to borrow and check the interest rate

Step 4: Apply and receive cash instantly after 24hrs of approval.

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How You Get Paid By XCredit Loan

The loan amount you applied from Xcredit will be disbursed straight into your bank account that you provided on your registration page.

Is XCredit Loan Legit?

This might be the XCredit loan review that made you come across this article but according to sources out there, Many people claimed that they have received some loan amount from XCredit.
According to the XCredit loan application review page from Google play store, we have also seen good reviews from people testifying of their loan approved with XCredit.
So our conclusion on XCredit loan review if they are legit is YES, XCredit loan is legit and is granting a quick cash loan in Nigeria.

How Much Loan Can You Borrow From XCredit?

XCredit makes it easier for anyone to get a loan in Nigeria. You can apply from N5,000 to N500,000 on the XCredit loan app.

How To Repay Your XCredit Loan?

Loan repayments are usually done through the XCredit app which offers a repayment schedule short loan tenor of 91 days and long loan tenor of 180 days.

XCredit Loan Interest Rates

Have you finished reviewing your XCredit loan then feel free to know XCredit interest rates before hitting the apply button.
The XCredit loan interest rate goes for 12% loan rate depending on the loan amount that you are eligible to apply for with XCredit.

Why XCredit?

XCredit has shown why they are different from the rest and why their customers keep on increasing on a daily basis with Zero charges on XCredit.
So, there isn’t. XCredit charges a 0% service fee on every loan you borrow. The loan amount is sent directly to your preferred bank account.
Taking loans is easiest with XCredit. No collaterals, no paperwork, and it is accessible to anyone with a bank account.
You should take advantage of this easy loan offered by XCredit to meet emergency and unexpected needs as they arise

XCredit Contacts

We have seen lots of complaints about the XCredit customer service. Some customers claim that the customer service personnel have been unprofessional in the way they reach out to you when your loan expires.

  • To contact them, you can search for their Facebook page ‘XCredit’. The page has neither a customer care number nor any other XCredit contact. You will need to send them a message on the platform.
  • Or send them Email: help@XCredit.cc

Visit Xcredit corporate office at


Conclusion On XCredit?

XCredit makes getting a personal loan simple by using the data on your phone including your SMS history to verify your identity and create a credit score.
XCredit encrypts the data you choose to share with them to protect your privacy. They take your privacy very seriously and promise to never share your information with third parties.