The Roundup (2022) Movie Download Mkv

The Roundup (Korean: 범죄도시2; lit. Crime City 2) is a 2022 South Korean crime action film directed by Lee Sang-yong, starring Ma Dong-seok, Son Seok-koo, and Choi Gwi-hwa. A sequel of 2017 film The Outlaws, the film was released theatrically on May 18, 2022 in IMAX format.

The Roundup – Trailer

A police officer travels to Vietnam to extradite a suspect and discovers a murderer who has been targeting tourists for years.


  • Movie: The Roundup
  • Revised romanization: Bum Joedoshi 2
  • Hangul: 범죄도시2
  • Director: Kang Yoon-Sung
  • Writer: Kim Min-Sung
  • Producer: Yoo Young-Chae
  • Cinematographer:
  • Release Date: May 18, 2022
  • Runtime: 106 min.
  • Distributor: Kiwi Media Group
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea

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  • Ma Dong-seok as Ma Seok-do
  • Son Seok-koo as Kang Hae-sang
  • Choi Gwi-hwa as Jeon Il-man
  • Park Ji-hwan as Jang Yi-soo
  • Heo Dong-won as Oh Dong-gyun
  • Ha Jun as Kang Hong-seok
  • Jung Jae-kwang as Kim Sang-hoon
  • Park Ji-young as Kim In-sook
  • Lee Joo-won as Park Young-sa
  • Eum Moon-suk as Jang Ki-cheol
  • Kim Chan-hyung as Jang Soon-cheol
  • Cha Woo-jin as Choi Yong-gi
  • Jeon Jin-oh as Yoo Jong-hoon
  • Nam Moon-cheol as Choi Choon-bae