The Outlaws (2017) Movie Download Mkv

The Outlaws is a 2017 South Korean action thriller film directed by Kang Yoon-sung. The film stars Ma Dong-seok and Yoon Kye-sang. The Outlaws follows a turf war that grows between a local gang that runs Garibong-dong in Guro District, Seoul and the Heuksapa gang from Yanbian, The police are called in to attempt to bring peace to the neighborhood. Jang Chen is a bloodthirsty leader of the Chinese mainland gang Black Dragon, who works as a loan shark in a seedy Chinatown area of Seoul. He’s backed up by his henchmen Wei Sung-Rak and Yang-Tae. Jang Chen is beyond brutal in his methods to collect money.

The Outlaws – Trailer

  • Movie: The Outlaws (English title) / Criminal City (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: BumJoedoshi
  • Hangul: 범죄도시
  • Director: Kang Yoon-Sung
  • Writer: Kang Yoon-Sung, Lee Seok-Geun
  • Producer: Yoo Young-Chae, Kim Hong-Baek, Jang Won-Suk
  • Cinematographer: Joo Sung-Rim
  • Release Date: October 3, 2017
  • Runtime: 121 min.
  • Genre: Action
  • Distributor: Megabox Plus M, Kiwi Media Group
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


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Ma Dong-seok as Ma Seok-do

Yoon Kye-sang as Jang Chen
Jo Jae-yoon as Boss Hwang Choon-sik

Choi Gwi-hwa as Captain Jeon

Im Hyung-joon as Do Seung-woo

Jin Seon-kyu as Wi Seong-rak
Hong Ki-joon as Park Byeong-sik
Heo Dong-won as Oh Dong-gyoon
Ha Jun as Kang Hong-seok
Kim Sung-kyu as Yang-tae
Park Ji-hwan as Jang I-soo
Heo Sung-tae as Viper
Min Kyung-jin as Yeon Gil Restaurant CEO
Uhm Ji-sung as Wang-oh
Kim Gu-taek as CEO Kwak
Park Sang-gyu as CEO Won
Yoo Ji-yeon as Ahn Hye-kyeong
Cho Jin-woong as Chief of Regional police investigation unit
Jung In-gi as Chief of police
Ye Jung-hwa as Airport head
Yoon Joo as Kang Hong-seok’s fiancée