Resident Evil (S1E4) – The Turn

Resident Evil Season 1 Episode 4 – The Turn

Albert is hard at work developing an antiviral agent, but specimen “3-20” being an unexpected failure angers him to the point of shouting his labtechs out. He estimates he only has 3 hours left. Jade gets an invite to a party at Simon’s house, but she is conflicted between going and checking on Billie, who insists on going anyway, deciding that if the disease is fatal then she may as well have fun beforehand. Having tracked down Jade’s address, Angel infiltrates New Raccoon City in a vegan cupcake delivery van. Angel arrives at the party looking for Jade. He is mistaken for a narcotics officer, and the partygoers flee. Having already identified Billie and Jade from Instagram posts, he spots them leaving and confronts them, warning they are in danger. He asks them what they know about the Raccoon City incident – Jade believes it was something to do with a gas leak or a fire, but he insists it was a nuclear attack planned by the US government to cover it up. He demands to get an interview with the two girls and Albert; according to records the two girls do not exist, while Albert should have been dead in 2009. His comments scare the two girls, who flee. When he tries to catch up to them in the street, he is detained by Umbrella security. Evelyn oversees Angel’s interrogation.



  • Ella Balinska as Jade Wesker
  • Tamara Smart as young Jade Wesker
  • Adeline Rudolph as Billie Wesker
  • Siena Agudong as young Billie Wesker
  • Paola Núñez as Evelyn Marcus
  • Lance Reddick as “Albert Wesker”, Dr. Albert Wesker, Numerous Wesker clones of varying personalities
  • Turlough Convery as Richard Baxter
  • Connor Gosatti as Simon
  • Ahad Raza Mir as Arjun Batra
  • Pedro de Tavira Egurrola as Angel Rubio
  • Lea Vivier as Susana Franco
  • Marisa Drummond as guard