Resident Evil (S1E2) – The Devil You Know

Resident Evil Season 1 Episode 2 – The Devil You Know

Jade and Billy are found by Albert who covers for them and sends them home before Umbrella’s U.S.S. operators can make their way to the building. Albert stays behind and surrenders to the guards, where he claims the facility has fallen victim to a cyberattack which released the safety lock for the dog. While the guards search for any signs of intruders in the lab, they are approached by Umbrella CEO Evelyn Marcus. Marcus accepts the story, but is more concerned by Wesker’s opposition to their new Joy product. At home, Albert attends to Billie, and is forced to explain the dog was being treated for a “rare genetic disease”. Albert demands the two girls promise they’d never mention trespassing, warning them that Umbrella was working on classified “government” projects which risk would guarantee a severe punishment if discovered. In the morning, Jade uses her laptop to investigate Umbrella’s Tijuana lab she saw on a video. She finds one website claiming to have “The Truth”, but it is blocked by her ISP. Jade later seeks help from a fellow student Simon who using his computer skills can bypass the ISP. The website is successfully bypassed, and discusses stolen reports of an outbreak at the facility that caused infected employees to begin eating one another. Jade has a video call with Angel Rubio, admin on the website. He is an investigative reporter, who has become obsessed with the unusually high incident rate at the company’s lab. In one case last week, a researcher went on a rampage and killed nine people three days after being bitten by a lab animal. His story went unpublished due to Umbrella’s efforts to kill the story, and he was fired.



  • Ella Balinska as Jade Wesker
  • Tamara Smart as young Jade Wesker
  • Adeline Rudolph as Billie Wesker
  • Siena Agudong as young Billie Wesker
  • Paola Núñez as Evelyn Marcus
  • Lance Reddick as “Albert Wesker”, Dr. Albert Wesker, Numerous Wesker clones of varying personalities
  • Turlough Convery as Richard Baxter
  • Connor Gosatti as Simon
  • Ahad Raza Mir as Arjun Batra
  • Pedro de Tavira Egurrola as Angel Rubio
  • Lea Vivier as Susana Franco
  • Marisa Drummond as guard