Caged (2020) Movie Download MKV

Caged is a 2020 American drama film directed by Aaron Fjellman and starring Edi Gathegi, Melora Hardin, Angela Sarafyan and Tony Amendola. Fjellman co-wrote the screenplay with James ‘Doc’ Mason. The film was produced by Pete Kirtley, Aaron Fjellman, Matthew Temple and Jessa Zarubica.

Caged – Trailer

Imprisoned for murdering his wife, a psychiatrist’s life becomes a living nightmare when he’s sent to solitary confinement.

Release date: 26 January 2021 (USA)
Director: Aaron Fjellman
Distributed by: Shout! Factory

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Caged – Cast

  • Edi Gathegi as Dr. Harlow Reid
  • Melora Hardin as Officer Sacks
  • Angela Sarafyan as Amber Reid
  • Tony Amendola as Warden Perez
  • Robert R. Shafer as Officer Ganser
  • James Jagger as Zeke
  • Andy Mackenzie as The Voice
  • Jessa Sarubica as Receptionist
  • J. M. Scott as Fish
  • Jose Rosete as Inmate AA91763
  • Kenyon Glover as Inmate AA90046
  • Chris Blasman as Officer Jones
  • Roberto Montesinos as Officer Mendez
  • Grifon Aldren as Officer Adebayo
  • Pete Kirtley as Biohazard Man
  • Paul Hatter as Mancha -Thug in Shower
  • Matt Ramirez as Primo- Thug in Shower
  • Omar Heyward as Omarion – Inmate in Shower
  • Nicholas King as Ground Floor Watchman
  • Anthony Arrigo as Tower Guard
  • Izzy Traub as Gen-Pop Inmate
  • Steve Bakken as Officer Warren
  • Gabriel Jefferson as Officer Green
  • Hoyt Richards as Harper
  • Anzu Lawson as Shannon